Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Final Update

    Over the past two months I have worked really hard to keep organized and to help the elderly in the nursing home. It was a great experience working with them and trying to put a smile on their faces. I feel great knowing that for a couple days, I made a difference. I also really enjoyed working with the other nurses to take care of the elderly.
     Next year, I plan on helping out at the same nursing home and maybe this time serving lunch and dinner. I also would like to plan more games, movies, and hands on craft activities for each patient so that they get to experience a great couple of days again next year. This experience was life changing for me, and I've realized that helping others is something that I really love doing. I would love to be able to make this experience something yearly. I really am thankful for this opportunity and would like to take this on to years in the future and get more people involved!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Pursuing My Passion

  I think that the research I've done to find more information about becoming a nurse practitioner is very helpful to others who have the same passion as me because it gives the basics of the job and really explains what this job requires and all that it is about. For others that have the same passion as me, I think this job would be an amazing opportunity for them because this job really hits all spots of nursing and working to help others. They not only get to diagnose the problems, but they get to work with the patient from start to end in working to make them better. It really can't get any better than seeing someone's process of becoming better and watch as they grow from where they began.
   Recently, Maddie and I have finished making the cards that we will be giving the nursing homes over Christmas break. We have gathered and organized the candy that we will be handing out along with the cards and have made progress in working with the nursing homes as to setting up the dates for our final parts of this project. This process has been a great opportunity to help others and work with my passion. Keeping myself organized and working to make sure I could execute my plan well hasn't been the easiest because of managing the rest of my busy schedule, but it was well worth it!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Professional Passion Ideas

    While doing more research on my passion of helping others, I have found many ways that I could pursuer my passion later on in life. There are many jobs where people need help and I can have the opportunity to help others while working and making profit to live on my own and afford things later on in life. As I researched, I found jobs like nursing, and social work. My biggest interest is nursing people everyday would be different. You never know what each day would bring you, and you would constantly be getting to work with new people. I also really like the idea of being able to work in a hospital or doctor office setting when I'm older.
     Although nursing seems very fun and interesting and it does follow my passion, while researching I found some things that may be more difficult while nursing. Things like facing worse times with certain passions, losing people, and having to deal with difficult procedures and diseases, may be the harder part of a job like nursing. At this point in my life, I find an interest in a nursing job like a pediatrician, a nurse practitioner, or a nurse anesthetist. I plan on going to college for 5 to 6 years to work and learn to become a nurse and to make a difference in others lives!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Lesson Learned

      Through out this entire project, the most valuable lesson I've learned is to always take notice that others have it worse than you and by doing little things for people, you can change their lives and make a great impact. Seeing people in nursing homes during my project, really makes you wonder where you will be years from now and makes you realize that if you were them, you would want little things like cards and candy done for you just as well. I have had am amazing time working with the elderly and making a difference around my community,
     During the rest of my project, this lesson that I've learned will help me in many ways. I will be able to walk into the nursing homes every day ready to put a smile on someone's face because I've learned that not everyone has it as good as I do. I will also be able to plan for activities along the way as I work with the elderly and spend time with them. In my other classes and all through out life, this project had changed me in a way that will benefit me, as well as others around my community because I will always be looking for ways to make a change and do a good deed.  This project had been an amazing experience for me and I would love to keep making a difference and show my community how special it makes you feel to know you've really helped someone.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pitch Day

      During pitch day, I realized many things. Presenting all of my hard work was so much fun for me because I think I put so much effort and time into my project, and being able to share that with the people who came to see was a great experience. I thought it was amazing and very interesting to see what others had to say about my project, and to see how interested they really were about my project.
       For me, talking to others about my project and receiving feeding about it, makes me so much more interested and excited to go on with my project and actually make a change. I am so glad that I got the chance to talk with others and gain great feedback. Talking to others really did inspire me to go on because I could see how proud the people who came to see my project, really are. My project is very important to me, and I was so happy to share it with others!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ideas, Problems, and Working In The Real World

          So far my 20 time project is working out so well! I have worked with Maddie to keep up with our ideas, and to start creating the holiday cards for our nursing home patients. We have recently also completed the 20 time poster board to show an understanding of all our ideas as well as including more information about our project.  Creating this project I have learned that you can accomplish things as long as you don't give up and really use your resources. There have been parts of this project for me that have been more challenging than others. When Maddie and I reached out to local homes to help children, our whole plan had to be reconstructed because we were having issues finding ways to help children around the area.
          Working on helping others for my 20 time project has caused me to live in some real-world situations. I have had to make normal business phone calls, and work with nurses and adults around my community to find ways to help others and for good resources to look for information from. Making these phone calls and working with these people have given me a very good idea of how the real world works. When I was dealing with other people I have realized that you can't always rely on others to get the job does, and I had to do some problem solving. I have really improved my problem solving skills as well as getting a good taste of what the real-word is like!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Contacting the Authority

         During my 20 time project so far, to find more information I had the idea of contacting a representative from the Children's Home Of York which I thought was more of something like an orphanage. While doing more research and talking to my friends mom about my ideas for the project, I faced a major problem. The Children's Home Of York is not an orphanage where kids stay, it is more of a counseling place. This issue has kept me from having progress on finding an expert who can provide me with information about helping children, and I must reevaluate what I am going to do for my project.
       Also, while typing up an email to real clients, I had to be very mature and serious. Doing this has given me a larger picture of what the real world is actually like. I can also see that just like in the real world, you can not rely on others to have things done. I had sent an email on Friday, expecting a reply but then came to realize that this organization is not the right place to be helping me with my project. In the following days, I will do more research and find another home or orphanage that I can contact and work with to complete my 20 time project!